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For Patients & Parents: Appointment Information

We want your visit to go as smoothly and stress-free as possible. When you are ready to see one of our ophthalmologists, please be prepared before you come in order to accelerate your wait time.

To schedule an appointment or consult with a physician at the Vision Center, please call (323) 361-2347 or toll free at (877) 245-2393 (CHLA-EYES).

What to bring to your appointment:
• List of any medications that your child may be taking and their dosages
• The name, mailing address, and phone number of your child’s pediatrician
• Copies of your child’s medical history, x-rays, and/or lab reports if you have them
• Your insurance information and card
• Any forms you were asked to bring with you
• Any questions you may have for your doctor
• Your co-payment required at the time of service, if any

If you are insured under a managed care plan, before your appointment, please:
• Confirm that the provider you will be seeing is a participating provider in your plan and obtain any prior authorization, if required.
• Confirm that any service you will be receiving is covered under your plan and obtain any prior authorization, if required.
• Obtain any necessary referral authorization from your primary care physician before seeing a specialist.