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For Patients & Parents: Surgery

Surgery FAQs
Undergoing surgery is a stressful time in any family's life. We would like you to have an understanding of what to expect. Patients generally leave the hospital on the same day after these operations. If your child needs surgery, please follow these helpful procedures:

Before Surgery
The Night Before Surgery
The Day of Surgery
After Surgery
Going Home

Before Surgery
In the weeks or days prior to the operation, you will meet with your child's surgeon to go over the operation. You also will complete paperwork needed to give your consent for the surgery. We will schedule a "pre-operative work-up day." Since we are an outpatient center, your child will be released to go home the same day.

Medications - Please Note
Your nurse will let you know if your child needs to stop taking certain medications prior to surgery or if he or she can continue taking the medication. If you have any questions about medications, please ask the nurse or doctor on the day of your child's pre-operative consult.

The Night Before Surgery

  • Our OR nurse will call you to tell you what time to be at the hospital for the surgery and answer any last-minute questions.
  • To ensure that your child's anesthesia be as safe as possible, your child's stomach must be empty before the operation. We will tell you when your child should stop eating and drinking.
  • After your child recovers sufficiently, he or she may change into pajamas from home. Make sure to label all items with your child's name.

The Day of Surgery
1. After you stop at the hospital's Information Desk for a pass, go directly to Surgical Admitting.
2. Once admitted, your child will change into hospital pajamas.
3. The anesthesiologist will speak with you before the surgery.
4. Your child may be given medicine to help him or her relax.
5. A nurse from our Vision Center Care Team will accompany your child to the operating room.
6. The surgeons will meet with you following the operation.

After Surgery
In most cases, your child will be heavily monitored after the operation. A specialized team of experts in pediatric vision care will watch over your child, assisted by sophisticated monitoring equipment. We will keep you informed about your child's progress and explain the treatment plan. Please feel free to ask questions.

When our Care Team determines that your child no longer needs intensive monitoring, he or she will be evaluated to return home, often the same day.

Going Home
You know your child best. Your participation in planning for his or her discharge is an important part of the recovery process.

Your child's nurse will give you instructions for care at home after the surgery. The instructions will include care of the incision, permitted activities, diet, medications, when to notify your doctors (surgeon, ophthalmologist or pediatrician), and follow-up appointments.

Your child will return to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles for at least one check-up with the surgical team and ophthalmologist in the first one to two weeks after going home.

Please call us at 323-361-2347 at any time if your child has any of the following symptoms: Fever, or redness, swelling or drainage in or around the eye.