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The Vision Center is located on the 1st floor of the Outpatient Tower at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. Our board-certified pediatric ophthalmologists treat more than 12,000 patients each year, making this one of the largest, most respected centers of its kind in the United States. Nearly 75 percent of the Vision Center's patients have such serious ophthalmic abnormalities as optic nerve diseases, retinoblastoma, retina and cornea disorders, glaucoma and ocular trauma. Our world-renown services are backed by our longtime affiliation with the Doheny Eye Institute at the University of Southern California.

We are dedicated to providing a child-friendly, family-centered environment where each child can feel at ease while seeing a doctor. We are currently undergoing an extensive remodeling to enhance our setting with new playrooms, murals, state-of-the-art educational programs for all age levels and comfortable furniture for visiting adults and children.

As we strive to treat visual disorders and blindness each day, it is important to us that our patients and their families can come to a place they trust. Our entire staff is prepared to ensure that your time with us goes as smoothly as possible.

We update our website on a regular basis.