About The Cornea Institute

The Cornea Institute in the Vision Center at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles is one of the few institutes nationwide to offer specialized care in corneal and refractive disorders in children. In addition to the diagnostic and surgical excellence of our physicians, we provide children and families who come to us with the assurances of advanced technologies – including the only dedicated refractive laser for children in the United States – and a family-centered environment.

We treat a full spectrum of conditions involving the cornea, lens, glaucoma and anterior segment. Common disorders we see include congenital corneal opacities (Peter's Anomaly), refractive anisometropia (unequal refractive power), acquired and congenital corneal scars, congenital cataracts, congenital glaucoma and traumatic anterior segment abnormalities. Our active program of research includes studies into the use of adult corneal and refractive techniques in treatment of anisometropia and corneal scarring in children, the epidemiology of refractive disorders in children and anterior segment development.

The Cornea Institute is part of the Vision Center, one of Childrens Hospital’s Centers of Excellence. Other components of the Vision Center are: