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Every 60 seconds, a child goes blind somewhere across the globe. Yet, according to the World Health Organization, half of all childhood blindness could be avoided by early treatment.

In the Unites States alone, vision impairment affects one in four school-aged children and one in 20 pre-schoolers – making vision disorders the fourth most common disability in this country and the most prevalent handicapping condition in childhood, according to the National Eye Institute.

With 70 to 80 percent of what children learn processed through the visual system, educators say that any vision impairment can be life-altering.

The Vision Center is one of the world’s largest, most respected facilities for pediatric eye care, handling around 12,000 patient visits each year. Our interdisciplinary team of physician-scientists treats the most complex ophthalmic abnormalities and explores the potential of new treatments and cures through groundbreaking research. In our family-centered environment, we treat the whole child, striving to ensure that each individual child also receives the services needed for mobility, rehabilitation and education.

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