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For Health Care Providers: Web Resources

During these difficult times for families, our main priority is supplying appropriate, accurate information and statistics that enable you to make more informed decisions about your child's visual condition. A variety of online resources are available to families and professionals. Please refer to the following links for additional information.

Retinoblastoma Early Detection Brochure (PDF)

Retinoblastoma International is committed to supporting research, education, clinical care, safer/ more effective treatments, early diagnosis and awareness. Its website provides online information to parents, family, friends, as well as medical education and hands-on training to health care professionals in the management of retinoblastoma. www.retinoblastoma.net

The American Cancer Society is dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem. This the nationwide, community-based, voluntary health organization supports research, education, advocacy, and services for people with cancer. www.cancer.org

The Institute for Families has offered counseling and support to families facing the devastating diagnosis of visual impairment in their child since 1987. It offers multilingual information, family therapy and referrals. www.instituteforfamilies.org